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As your local independent bookstore, Head Hi needs your support to continue being a unique place that brings the community together, inspires, supports artists, writers, thinkers and keeps the tradition of printed materials alive.


Why support indie? Because, with tiny profit margins, steep taxes and rent, these small businesses can hardly compete with online mega monsters that buy in bulk. Online options won't ever replace the feeling of a shop, the space, the sounds and the most importantly the selection of titles, curated by a passionate and knowledgeable book enthusiast that one can speak to, share ideas with. Unlike an algorithm, bookshops can recommend something truly meaningful. A good bookstore makes you feel just like a good read, it gives you what we call a Head Hi.


We are a hybrid store, part coffeeshop, part bookstore and part gallery in an industrial Brooklyn neighborhood. We are woman and immigrant owned with no investors and were not able to receive PPP (twice) because we're such small, owner operated, new business (2020 was just our second year!). 


Yet, we're here to stay and below we've listed ways you can support Head Hi.


  • Come to the Brooklyn shop, browse our amazing selection and find something new.

  • Visit our webshop, we add new publications weekly.

  • Place a custom order, of any kind, we take special requests via email to hello@headhi.net.

  • Gift a book to someone you care about!

  • Visit our Bookshop.org page. As more and more people buy their books online, Bookshop.org has created an easy, convenient way to buy books and support bookstores at the same time. Search for Head Hi and select us on the Bookshop.org map and we’ll receive the full profit off your order.



  • Like what we do? Tell your family and friends to come check us out. Better yet, bring them with you on your next visit. Don't keep us secret! 

  • Share a photo of your Head Hi experience or reading material on social media. @headhi_ny

  • Write a good review on Google and Yelp, it helps our Search Engine Optimization.



  • Want help making a special selection of books for your home, office, project or an idea you're interested in? Contact us to learn more about our book selection services customized just for YOU.



  • As an independent, new bookstore operating during a pandemic, we need your support. To keep our programming free and open to the public, donate to Head Hi on Venmo @Headhi (any size donation helps).


Thank you for your continued support!