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The Head Hi Book Kiosk features a curated selection of vanguard and diverse publications from around the globe, including architecture, art and design books, magazines and self-published materials specially selected for various events.

Kiosk as Inspiration Hub:
Displaying and selling the publications, the kiosk is a hub for inspiration, dialogue and reference. We provide visitors with a welcome and informative experience; a chance to learn more about the event's key themes and participants as well as contemporary ideas, design and art. Visitors can purchase the publications, browse, find something new and conversate about the offering.

Kiosk Design:
The Head Hi Book Kiosk takes form using our signature, minimalist bookshelves designed by Mösco, a Head Hi founder, for our shop located in Fort Greene across from the Navy Yard. We like to refer to them as ladders of knowledge. 

Key Topics:
Topics featured at the Head Hi Book Kiosk are chosen based on each event. Frequent topics include: Art, Architecture, Design, Environment, Photography, Lifestyle, Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Transportation, Technology, Culture.



Are you interested in bringing books to your next event? Let's do it!

Contact us to start the conversation.

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