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Glowster, 2024

Vintage Toastmaster toaster, replica toast, metal, plastic

9.5 x 2.5 x 9.5 inches


From the Maker:

Experience the allure of Glowster, fashioned from the sleek, lustrous shell of a classic toaster. Its captivating design draws the eye, while the gentle warmth emanating from within nods to the tungsten heating elements of its former life. With a satisfying clunk, reminiscent of mornings past, a simple lever ignites your space with radiance. Set the ambiance for "darker" or "lighter" with the knob as it suits your mood. We are a Brooklyn-based team of designers driven to transform how we engage with familiar everyday objects. Usman is a design engineer who creates mesmerizing video-driven LED installations. Pujarini is an experiential art director and multi-disciplinary creative technologist, merging art and technology to craft immersive narratives.


Adnan is a creative technologist, focusing on integrating cultural touchpoints with technology to challenge conventional perceptions. Together, we collaborate to push design boundaries and create captivating experiences that redefine expectations.


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Usman Jamil, Adnan Aga, & Pujarini Ghosh, Glowster

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