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The Daily Mirror 1976 / 2022, a choreographic performance by Wendy Perron and Morgan Griffin with film and photography by Babette Mangolte and presented by Head Hi on December 13th, 2022, has been documented in the form of a book. Head Hi's first publication, a limited-edition artist book edition of 100.


In 1976, downtown New York dancer/choreographer Wendy Perron began an accumulating project, creating movement every day that reflected the interior and exterior landscape of that day. She titled it The Daily Mirror. In 2021, upon recently uncovering the only documentation of this piece, photos by French cinematographer Babette Mangolte, Perron asked dancer Morgan Griffin to re-imagine the work with these images as source material and provide it a new life through another dancing body.

For the occasion, Head Hi has published our first limited-edition artist book, a flip book of both performances. As an organization dedicated to art and design, exploration and interaction, Head Hi is proud to publish this book, bringing attention to artistic and personal reflection. 

As intended, the work is now being passed on to this next generation and the living archive continued. 

The Daily Mirror 1976/2022

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