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The book features contemporary Chilean emerging architecture selected through an open call, focused on recent architectural production by architects around the age of 40. The book includes over 60 projects presented through two types of material. The order and sequencing are based on the type of cases, this is: public scale and equipment, urban housing, suburban housing, pavilions and architectural objects. First, it offers a photographic visual narrative that privileges large images. The second part of the book contains complementary materials, texts, credits and plans. All of this material was developed through a lens that allows the reader to build a comparative perspective and a panorama of young Chilean architects located in different landscape and urban conditions. In both cases, this separation establishes a notion of order that premeditatedly forces the reader to engage in a constant back and forth.


Authors Jeannette Plaut & Marcelo Sarovic

Published by CONSTRUCTO

Springtime: Emergent Architecture in Chile

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