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Leg Avenue, 2024

Acrylic, aluminum, steel, LED filament, nylon, spandex, polycarbonate

24 x 7.75 x 7.75 inches


From the Maker:

The Leg Avenue lamp is a custom assemblage of up-cycled dead stock hosiery stretched over laser cut acrylic and LED filament. The legs from dead stock hosiery form layers of sheer, soft diffusion, like an object encased in cobwebs. The lamp is part of a series light fixtures editioned in pairs (one for each leg).


Sheerly Touch-Ya Lamps is a crossover practice between Shisanwu LLC and Sheerly Touch-Ya hosiery. Shisanwu LLC specializes in systems design, material testing, and contemporary art production. Sheerly Touch-Ya is a hosiery manufacturer and distributor. Both companies reside in the same warehouse in Queens, New York where the lines are blurred between hosiery warehousing and art manufacturing.


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Sheerly Touch-Ya, SHISANWU, Leg Avenue

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