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Beat Lamp, 2023

Handmade Bioplastic, hemp fiber, motion sensors

9 x 4 x 24 inches


From the Maker:

The Beat Lamp is a handmade bioplastic lamp that is activated by a motion sensor. The lamp starts to beat like a little heart when you wave your hand over the sensor. The translucent material allows you to see the inside of the lamp which is illuminated by LED strip lights.


Sabrina Merayo Nuñez is an interdisciplinary artist born in Argentina and based in New York City. Merayo Nuñez is interested in examining and bringing together three axes in her work: the processes of nature, human capacity to control them, and the technology that has emerged as intermediaries between them. Tools such as lenses, machines, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence, not only allow us to expand our senses and capacities of understanding, but modify the world we live in. Sabrina views these technologies as extensions of our perception, challenging us to consider the materiality of our own physicality. Her goal is to co-create with nature, observing and learning from its patterns of behavior. Her intention is to facilitate contexts in which these patterns can be expressed and expanded through the practice.


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Sabrina Merayo Nuñez, Beat Lamp

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