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Sidewalk, 2024

Concrete, steel, dirty cable, light bulb

5 x 18 x 20 inches


From the Maker:

The Sidewalk lamp draws inspiration from the perpetual construction activities shaping urban landscapes. Utilizing materials commonly found at construction sites, it embodies the essence of the evolving cityscape. Reflecting the collective consciousness of modern society, the city's format symbolizes the convergence of individual experiences as well as the synthetic cooperation of each element. Amidst the city's bustling progress, construction stands out as its defining feature, embodying resilience and innovation. Through Sidewalk, we celebrate the dynamic evolution and pioneering spirit of urban development.


Qiaosen Yang (b.1995, Kunming, China), an artist and designer of Chinese Bai ethnicity, is based in Brooklyn, New York. He earned his BFA in graphic design from the University of Central Missouri in 2018 and recently completed his MFA in studio art with a focus on sculpture at Pratt Institute in 2023. Since his move to New York, Qiaosen Yang's work has been showcased in various institutions and galleries, including the 2023 Spring Break Art Show, Westbeth Gallery, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, Agora, and Black Brick Project Gallery. Qiaosen's work has been featured by The Poetry Society of New York, Dovetail Magazine, and Hyperallergic. Currently, Qiaosen Yang holds the positions of Academic Secretary of the Yunnan Graphic Designer Association and Gallery Coordinator at Black Brick Project.


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Qiaosen Yang, Sidewalk

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