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Lichen is a design incubator, studio, and furniture store co-founded by Jared Blake and Ed Be in 2017. Our Floors Are Uneven is a documentation of Lichen’s first five years.


Our Floors Are Uneven catalogs Lichen’s evolution through photos, essays, and a rigorous design index. When flipping through its 272 pages you will, of course, see a lot of furniture but, surprisingly, you will see even more people. Beyond anything, Our Floors Are Uneven documents the relationships that embody Lichen’s mycological name and ethos.


Through four sections and more than 300 images Lichen’s unprecedented identity in the staid world of interiors comes to life. What began as a cozy vintage furniture store is now a robust in- house design studio, a stand-alone woodshop and production facility, a lively multi-faceted storefront, and a formidable player in the design industry.

Our Floors Are Uneven

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