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Flow, 2024

Walnut, sandblasted aluminum, 3000k warm LEDs, custom code and PCB

1.75 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches


From the Maker:

Flow is an ambient lamp inspired by the constant movement of light in the natural world. The piece combines custom code and electronics with traditional materials to create a window of slowly evolving light and shadow, simulating the movement of sunlight through trees, reflecting off water, or the surface of the sun itself. A small touch sensor on the side of the frame allows for switching between several different brightness, size, and speed modes, and functions as the on/off switch when held for three seconds.


Niles Fromm is a freelance developer and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, NY. Raised off the grid in northern Vermont, his design process is influenced by a strong connection to nature, an interest in geometric form, and a practical, hands-on design approach.


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Niles Fromm, Fromm Design, Flow

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