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Pre Jazz, 2024

Wool, resin, wood

18 x 6 x 12 inches


From the Maker:

The crochet structure is pushed and pulled, bound and wound, letting the organic properties of the wool explore the curvature of form. It takes the traditional craft of crochet and marries it with the evolution of a 3D structure, lit in all of its facets.


Geneva Bergelt is a multidisciplinary and multifaceted designer leads an interior design and art practice rich in play, that builds on her years creating immersive installations for luxury brands. An international perspective from a young age has shaped the evolving tapestry that is seen through her lens, imagining environments, devising objects, transforming spaces, and in turn shaping human experience through her storytelling. She is on an intrepid journey to share ideas and make an impact through design that is both socially and environmentally responsible.


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Geneva Bergelt, Pre Jazz

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