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Fettuccine Lamp, 2024

Aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic

8 x 6 x 14 inches


From the Maker:

The Fettuccine Lamp is an assembly of various on-hand parts held together not by pasta, but by oversized elastic bands. Due to the large diameter of the bands, additional parts need to be added to maintain tension. It is this constraint, as well as the shape of the unmodified parts, that has dictated the form of the lamp.


Etienne Vernier is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary designer. Drawing from his expertise in design and engineering, he creates products that balance technical playfulness with practicality. His design process is rooted in curiosity, as he finds inspiration by experimenting with basic elements and allowing for unplanned discoveries.


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Etienne Vernier, Fettuccine Lamp

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