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Porter4, 2024

Natural beeswax, 4 cotton wicks, lamp cable, bulb

8 x 8 x 9 inches


From the Maker:

Cast out of natural beeswax, this piece is the biological child of a candle and a table lamp. Over the course of this lamp's lifetime or over the course of a long night, you can burn the wicks down to gradually adjust the lampshade's geometry and the quality of light emanating from the piece. As the wicks burn, sculpting the lampshade, the lamp juxtaposes the ephemerality of wax and flame and the semi-permanence of a lightbulb and electricity.


Chase is a freelance hardware designer living in Brooklyn, New York. His pieces focus on deriving function through unexpected material usage. He loves all forms of casting and experimental darkroom photography.


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Chase Porter Studio, Porter4

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