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ButterFly, 2024

Paper, recyclable plastic

9.75 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches



From the Maker:

Butter is usually seen as an ingredient for cookies, bread, or mashed potatoes. But what if it could be something else? Here is a block of butter that not only grows wings but also has the ability to glow. This is a metaphor for suggesting that sometimes people don't need to conform to others' expectations. Free yourself from worrying about what kind of person you can become; instead, be a piece of butter that can fly and shine.


Step into Another.World, a space created by Youtian Duan and Yingxi Ji. Here, embracing inner challenges is a joyful adventure, and vulnerability is celebrated. Our projects, brimming with innovation and humor, create a safe, inclusive space for individuals to dive deep into their inner worlds. We champion the idea of embracing your shadows to emerge stronger, more resilient, and authentically you. Another.World is more than just a space; it's a realm of wonder, inviting you to be part of its magical journey!


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Another.World, ButterFly

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