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William Kennedy, Freaky Lamps

Phone Home, 2023

Salvaged telephone, steel, sockets, salvaged acrylic, theatrical gels, electronics

9 x 10 x 14.5 inches



From the maker:

“A lamp and a sculptural object, “phone home” , embodies a weird inbetween land of surreal and familiar. Its inverted bulbs emanate from the handset, hovering above the dialer base creating a strange and unnerving effect .The optional acrylic shade, featuring a gradient gel pattern, casts a soft and eerie light, evoking a sense of the bizarre and humorous. The phone is activated by pressing the 5 key on the number pad and can also be made to ring by pressing the "REDIAL" key.”

William Kennedy, Freaky Lamps, Phone Home (SOLD)

Out of Stock
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