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Phang Lamp (The Flat Lamp), 2023

Polarized film

11 x 7 x 15.7 inches


From the Maker:


It was an idea to make a lamp that could bypass all the barriers of shipping. A piece of flat material was divided into two pieces and then puzzled up to make a lamp. The use of polarized film collected from abandoned TVs and screens is a re-edition that investigates the lamp's flexibility in materials, shapes, and forms.


Dương Gia Hiếu is a Saigon based multidisciplinary designer. Starting in graphic design and photography, he later adopted product design practices using unwanted, thrown away materials from the street, to create functional objects and furniture. This is his response to consumerism and bad design.


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Dương Gia Hiếu, Ném Project, Phang Lamp (The Flat Lamp)

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