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Caroline Chao (From: C)

VIEW Lamp, 2023

Tempered glass, two-way glass, dichroics, polished stainless steel

10 x 10 x 24 inches



From the maker:

“VIEW Lamp is an all-glass lamp that seeks to bring interactive views into object interiors. Views are used to challenge the viewer through intrigue and curiosity when unexpected visual effects are produced through interaction with the pieces. The lamp changes constantly as you live with it - colors change with the sun angles throughout the day, or a reflection may reduce or multiply when viewed from a different angle. The user is encouraged to participate in the reflections, in a sense becoming a part of the piece. The piece represents the belief that joy often comes from unexpected or momentary effects, and that objects should live and change with their surroundings just as we do.”

Caroline Chao (From: C), VIEW Lamp

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