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The annual Head Hi Lamp Show is an exhibition that celebrates the joy of light with a special presentation of unique lamps that celebrate light, design, experimentation and collective participation. ​This Head Hi tradition which began in 2019, is an exhibition of lamps, lamps made and selected by YOU. We encourage everyone to participate, all ages, professional designers, or not, to submit a lamp! It can be a lamp created, personalized or found.


Devra Freelander &

Michael Yarinsky

Myranda Gillies

Matthew Greeley

Walsh Hansen

Jeremy Jams

Nozomi Kato

Lights Up Studio

Cara Marie Lynch

Eva Mantell

2019 Participating Lampers:

Austin Ballard

Jason Bauer

James Barber

Chris Beeston

Alyssa Block

Robert Burch

Benjamin Chadwick

Elliot Chaffer

Dandy Farmers

Eric Forman

Sam Effler

Theresa Marchetta

Kathryn Robinson Millen

Michael Miyahira

Harry Moritz

Vicente Muñoz

Navy Wine

Justin Pollmann

Emma Rossoff

Jon Santos

Val Shamma

Miles Rees Spear

Wilt Stewart

Studio Nordic

Stephanie Tran

John Trembly

Adam Tyson

Andy Tyson

Carly Yuenger

Antonia Young

In 2019, to celebrate our first year in business, we had the idea of doing a lamp show at Head Hi that encouraged creativity, functionality, uniqueness, and funkiness, with a particular interest in “non-standard” materials and objects. As design enthusiasts, we realized that there was not an event for both professionals and creatives of all sorts to experiment and exchange bright ideas. We decided to reach out to the Head Hi community with an open call to see what people came up with. We were shocked when we received over 40 submissions! The event has now become an annual tradition with submissions from all over the world.

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