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On a recent day, legendary DJ DB walked into Head Hi to show us a new book he created. We are proud to feature it in our Head Hi Spring Selections! Celebrate the smiley face’s impact on art, music, pop and alternative culture with The Sm;)e Book. Showcasing an unprecedented collection of some the world’s most potent visual communicators. 


The smiley iconography has spanned hundreds of years. Many believe the origin was in 1963, when Harvey Ball was tasked with a simple graphic design job to boost employee morale at an insurance company. Some believe it began earlier, with the logo used by the WMCA "Good Guys" radio station in 1960 New York City. Regardless, it has since taken on multiple lives and appropriations across a diverse range of mediums including Hollywood cinema, graphic design, alternative & indie music, skateboarding, graffiti culture, high & low fashion, and even fine art. It has woven & winked itself into the zeitgeist and cultural fabric of our physical and digital universe.


Art and graphic design-focused, this book comes at the start of the new year intended for anyone who appreciates this iconic image of joy (as well as those who love cheeky culture jamming & logo flipping). After all, the world could use a few more smiles right now ;) 


Artists featured in the book:

Alex Da Corte, Alex Fuller, Alex Trochut, Alfie Steiner, Alicia McCarthy, Anthony Sarcone, Aurel Schmidt, BANKSY, Carlos Valencia, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Chris Alborano, Cody Hudson, Curtis Kulig, DB Burkeman, Derek Gardner, Destroy All Monsters, Eric Elms, Erik Foss, Greg Bogin, IMBUE, INVADER, James Cauty, James Joyce, Jeremy Deller, KATSU, Mark Flood, Matthew Nichols, Misaki Kawai, Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatboy Slim), Patrick Rocha, Paul Insect + BÄST, Paul Weston, Philip Gerald, Rachel Maclean, Richard Prince, Rich Browd, Rob Pruitt, Ron English, Sadie Benning, Sayre Gomez, SKULLPHONE, Tyrrell Winston, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yung Jake, and 1UP CREW.


See more smiles @the_smile_book

The Sm;)e Book, DB Burkeman & Rich Browd