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Bruce Mau Design’s first major studio project, the seminal S,M,L,XL, originated as a collaboration with OMA and Rem Koolhaas and helped to redefine thinking about architecture around the world. The book spills over with graphs, charts, poems, scripts, revisions, essays, metaphors, panic, chronologies, plans, cartoons, Beckett, events, big men, big type, models, diaries, competitions, notebooks, disasters, artworks, manifestos, drawings, rants, lectures, cities, speculation, sex, invention and tragedies. Moving in cinematic time, S,M,L,XL dares to “hold a shot too long”; to make the reader see details that would otherwise go unnoticed; to show “bad” images, unresolved ideas or problematic results - all to reveal the underlying invisible process that leads to finished results, visible to all.