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Lawrence Weiner, born in 1942 in the Bronx, New York, is a central figure of the conceptual art movement of the late 60’s. His first book Statements, published in 1968, is a small compilation of texts describing projects and instructions for the reader. It is considered one of the first conceptual texts. His work frequently consists of typographic texts that resort to semantic and grammar games. Linguistic installations on walls are his main medium, but he has also ventured into video, film, sculpture, performance, sound art and graphic design. Mi libro es su libro. Una selección de textos y obras traducidas. / [My book is your book. A selection of texts and translated works] is a compilation of writings, pieces and interviews done by several artists, translated into Spanish. This edition’s cover art was designed by Weiner himself, who also selected the book’s title, paraphrasing a well-known piece of his from the 80’s titled My house is your house

Mi Libro Es Su Libro: Lawrence Weiner