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French author and artist Perrine Rouillon (born 1951) invented the character "Little SomeOne," or La Petite Personne, as she was known in French, on a blank, white page, without panels or speech bubbles. A tangle of penstrokes exploring the space of the page, Little SomeOne was Rouillon's ink-drawn alter ego and interlocutor, bantering with her creator, her fellow characters and with the reader.


In the space of the pages of this charming volume, Little SomeOne explores the nature of her world, revealing a personal, idiosyncratic space that is both cruel and wonderfully silly. As a reviewer in the French publication Charlie Hebdo put it, "At a distance it looks like scribbles, up close it's hilarious schizo-philosophy."

Me And The Other Someones, Perrine Rouillon

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