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Icons, at home imagines some of the most celebrated lighting designs in our contemporary domestic spaces. Imagine how their lives have changed while so many of us have been at home more often this year! In some ways these creatures are as much our companions as the human partners, sourdough starters, and other "companion species" (for more on this see Donna Haraway) that share our spaces-and they have the personalities for it, too.


Cards feature the following iconic lamps:

Lucellino lamp, Ingo Maurer

Akari light, Isamu Noguchi

Tube light, Eileen Gray

Aggregato lamp, Enzo Mari

Super Table lamp, Martine Bedin


About the designer: Emma Leigh Macdonald is a writer, editor, and exhibition organizer in New York. She writes and interviews for W, PIN-UP, and Le Depanneur among others, and cares a lot about the inner lives of our everyday objects. Recently she has been thinking about this in the kitchen for the Istanbul Design Biennial (you can see a cooking show episode she co-created on design and fermentation called "Softening Cultures" on ther web channel anytime.)


Icons, at home - Set of 6 Lamp Cards