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Platform 99, 2024

Steel cocktail picks, perforated steel, concrete

8.5 x 7.25 x 5.5 inches


From the Maker:

Designed to dance with the user through dynamic shadows, Platform 99 is a rechargeable cocktail lamp that celebrates the playfulness of lighting design. The 99 polished stainless steel picks invite guests to interact with the lamp, igniting creativity and conversation. Elegant functionality combined with architectural elements highlight the balance between experience and setting.


Houston-based designers, Thomas Feuillet and Gabriella Feuillet are siblings who collaborate on multidisciplinary projects. Thomas is a multi-medium creative studying industrial design with a focus on transportation, CMF (color, material, finish), and soft goods. Gabriella is a sculptor with a background in architecture. Her work explores the overlap between textiles, graphic design, and space.


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Gabriella and Thomas Feuillet, Platform 99

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