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Deem is a global platform focused on design as social practice.


In “Issue Five, Climate Realities and Responses,” Deem reflects on the biggest design challenge of all: the climate crisis and its compounding reverberations.


The perils of a changing climate are not approaching—they are here, and, in the words of contributor Rania Ghosn, “whole worlds have already ended, sometimes multiple times over.” Yet there is so much left to fight for if we can come together to rethink the systems that connect us both to our planet and to one another, and if we can face that a stable, habitable climate on earth is no longer the presumed backdrop for our imaginations. On the cover, Deem honors marine biologist, policy expert, and writer Ayana Elizabeth Johnson who, in an interview with guest editor Mark Chambers, helps to picture and commit to a climate future in which survival is not only possible, but an enticing invitation to which we are all called to respond.  

Deem Journal Issue 5

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