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A deluxe appreciation of Eduardo Chillida's public sculpture.

The outdoor public works of Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002), which are installed in various cities around the world, are protrayed here in stunning black-and-white photography, highlighting the intensity of his monumentally scaled abstract sculptures. In most cases, the architectural, urban or landscape setting determines many elements of the sculpture, and the artist strives to relate his design to the external environment in which it is placed.


Here, both the details of each sculpture and its setting are featured. Chillida: Open-Air Sculptures begins with an essay by Italian art critic Giovanni Carandente that tracks Chilida's origins and inspirations, and also analyzes his civic and social themes. The volume also features a wide selection of the artist's own writings, included on inserted pages printed on an alternative paper stock. Chilida's lucid meditations on sculpture outline his intentions and desires, bringing us closer to the work itself.

Chillida: Open-Air Sculptures

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