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Brianna Love, Studio Apotroes

Penny, 2023


10 x 9 x 13 inches


From the maker:

“The Penny lamp is inspired by a lamp by the dolly toy company I had as a kid and used as a nightlight, my fear of clowns/Stephen King's IT, and my mom. My mom is a huge fan of horror which I eventually grew to also enjoy but as a kid I was terrified and hated horror movies and was petrified of clowns. One day, I caught a bit of IT which solidified my fears. The movie always stuck with me so when I decided to face my fears I watched the movie again and remembered the lamp I had as a kid and thought of making a lamp that tied together all of these pieces, the twin balloons from my childhood lamp and the one Pennywise carried and Georgie’s sailboat. The name itself is a play on my mom’s childhood nickname, Penny, and Pennywise the clown.”

Brianna Love, Studio Apotroes, Penny

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