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This is an account of Hassan Fathy, one of the most influential Third World architects of the 20th century. The ideas he formulated before his death in 1989 have become key elements in the global architectural agenda, with his influence being particularly profound in the developing world. Fathy's buildings are found all over the world, from Egypt to India to New Mexico. The author was able to conduct extensive interviews with Fathy himself before he died, as well as with clients, family, disciples and friends. The author's research in Cairo and Greece (where Fathy worked from 1957-1962) uncovered many previously undocumented projects and he has drawn on the architect's personal notebooks and journals. Fathy's entire career is chronologically surveyed from his graduation in 1926 to the most productive period of his life - the two decades after his return to Egypt in 1962.

Architecture for People: The Complete Works of Hassan Fathy (Used - Good Cond)