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Rock Lamp - 001, 2024


10 x 9 x 10 inches


From the Maker:

Rock Lamp - 001 draws inspiration from the organic shapes of rocks and the art of rock balancing. The base and top lampshade are copper sheets hammered into form around rocks retrieved from the Ottawa River. Users can freely balance the lampshade on top of the lightbulb, akin to the act of balancing one rock on another. Additionally, the base features legs that elevate it, offering endless possibilities for arranging the lamp without a fixed front or back.


Andrew Doxtater is a designer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. With a particular interest in plywood, Andrew is consistently expanding his expertise to include other materials such as metal, concrete, and glass. His design journey began with chairs and continues to explore the world of furniture and home goods, where he continually seeks to push the boundaries of modern design.


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Andrew Doxtater, Rock Lamp - 001

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