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Join us for the book launch of All Sorts of Impossible Things on Friday, June 3 from 7-9pm! More info here.


All Sorts of Impossible Things is a personal body of work exploring the static hum and unique rhythm of everyday life in the city of Newburgh, New York. These photographs are an observation of the collective anxiety of a city caught between a wave of intense regeneration and a long history of economic struggle. Gilligan’s almost forensic and fictional approach creates an ambiguous space where the viewer is left to navigate their own personal journey through a landscape of uncertainty and confusion. This sense of disorientation and fleeting physical beauty produces an atmosphere that is as familiar and comforting as it is out of reach.


Rich Gilligan began his career photographing skateboarding in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. These roots set the groundwork for his loose, documentary approach. He began making his own zines as a teenager and worked as a skate photographer for a variety of publications worldwide. His images are often elegant and uncluttered, yet energetic and raw, stripping away the facade and capturing real and intimate moments with his subjects and their environments. He now shoots a wide range of commissioned projects worldwide while continuing to pursue his personal work. Rich has had solo exhibitions in Belfast, Melbourne, Switzerland, Inis Oirr, Kilkenny, Galway, Munich, Dusseldorf, London, Dublin. Previous photographic publications include Time/Line (Self Published) 2008, DIY (1980 Editions) 2012, Rituals (AAD) 2014, Burnside (Driftwood) 2014, DIY (Prestel) 2014, Town (The Salvage Press) 2018 and Collapsing Distance (South Wind Blows) 2021. He is currently based in Wicklow, Ireland.

All Sorts of Impossible Things, Rich Gillian

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