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About Head Hi

Here we would like to share our story with you.


Our names are Alexandra & Mösco, we are the founders of Head Hi. Alexandra has worked in the arts for over two decades and Mösco is a self-taught artist. We both love books, we love traveling, we love art, we love gatherings, we love nature, we love music and love dreaming. Head Hi is the dream and we invite you to be part of it.


Head Hi is a state of mind, a good conversation, a delicious cup of coffee, a soothing tea, a great book, the spark of a new idea, a fun ride on a wave, a good run. It is a place for dialogue, community and curiosity.


After organizing two debut art shows located in a garage in the Rockaways, Queens, New York in the Summer of 2018 (read more here and here), we were about to go on a trip to Europe when we stumbled upon an empty retail space available in Fort Greene, Brooklyn by the Navy Yard and footsteps from our home. We went away dreaming up the perfect bookshop café, and as soon as we came back, we started the insane process of opening a new small business in New York City. We worked on the design, permits, met with vendors, contacted distributors, built furniture. Friends joined to help and in a matter of a few months we opened our doors at the end of November 2018. Visitors started coming intrigued by the flyers we had plastered around the neighborhood.


Head Hi was designed as a flexible space, able to transform from a bookshop café into salon for various programs. In December 2018, we hosted our first event, a launch party for a self-published book by a Brooklyn based artist and photographer (read more here). The place got packed, we were off to a great start.


Working with local and international artists, designers, publishers, community members and organizations in various fields, we have since periodically hosted different happenings from art shows to readings, poetry, live music, performances, screenings, book releases and more. We also do offsite events. For that, we designed the Head Hi Book Kiosk which is a mobile representation of our shop. 


In March 2020, we had to temporarily close our bookshop café due to COVID19. In order to slow the spread and protect our health and the wellbeing of others, pausing was imperative, we realize now it was the right decision. Although it's very hard to pivot the physical experience of our bookshop café, an experience where all our senses are stimulated and you're in the company of others, to a virtual one through a screen, we have set up a webshop and we're uploading the content, the inventory and the stories that make Head Hi special. We encourage you all to visit us online frequently. There's always something new! 


We are now re-open and, more than ever, it is important to share ideas, to create, to inspire others, to build connections through publications over a coffee, tea or treat. It is our pleasure to continue providing both a platform and support for our local community and others far away, whether they're artists, writers, farmers, thinkers or publishers. We're all connected and best of all, we're in this together.


Keep your Head Hi.

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